Ken Helm Riesling, Canberra


Had the pleasure of meeting Ken Helm, who produces one of the top iconic wines of Australia. My perfect combination of new world, cool climate, and  Riesling.


Writer and legend of ‘Riesling in Australia’, above is a picture of him signing a copy of the book.

One hour before our arrival he had found out that his premium riesling had been given 96 points by Halliday and the classic 95 points. The grapes in the picture above are looking good for a great 2018 vintage!


The vineyard was established in 1973, the family is 4th generation from Rhineland originally set up in Rutherglen in 1860’s. Ken established the International Riesling Challenge in 2000 and last year there were 519 entries.


Ken’s Riesling knowledge is incredible I learnt such a lot in a short time. I always believed that the German settlers brought the vines from Germany but they were actually the refreshment station at the Cape.

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